Artificial Tears

·      Artificial tears are eyedrops that lubricate and soothe your eye.  They are very safe and can be used whenever the eye feels irritated or dry.

·        They are available over-the-counter, without a prescription.

·        Suggested brands

o   Refresh Tears

o   Systane Ultra Tears

o   Blink Tears

o   Thera Tears

·        Do not use visine or any eyedrops that claim to “get the red out.”

·        If you need to use the drops more than 6 times a day to keep your eyes comfortable, you have several options:

o   Use artificial tears that do not have preservatives.  When artificial tears are used often, the preservative in the bottle can irritate your eyes.

o   Ointment can be used at bedtime. Suggested brands – Refresh PM or Systane Night Time Ointment.

o   Another option is to have a small plug placed into the opening in the eyelid that drains your tears.  This can help keep more tears in your eyes. 

o   Restasis and Xiidra are prescription eyedrops that can help increase the amount of tears you make.  They are applied twice daily.


·        There are several eyedrops for allergies that are available over-the-counter.  They are used twice a day as needed when your eyes are itchy.

o   Zaditor

o   Alaway

o   Ketotifen 0.025%