• The vitreous is a clear jelly that fills the eye.
  • It is normal for the vitreous to liquefy or “melt” over time. 
  • The vitreous then becomes a mixture of jelly and water that
    appears as “floaters”.
  • The floaters usually become less visible over a few months.  There is no need for surgery or medication. 
  • As the vitreous liquefies, it separates from the retina.  Rarely, this process can cause a tear in the retina.  A retinal tear is an urgent problem that needs to be evaluated as soon as possible.

  Symptoms of a Retinal Tear

  • You see a lot of flashing lights.
  • You see a large increase in the number of floaters.
  • You see a dark area that blocks part of your peripheral vision in one eye.  The dark area does not float around and does not go away.  See the examples below.