After Cataract Surgery Instructions

• Leave the patch on your eye until your appointment tomorrow.

• It is normal for the eye to sometimes feel itchy and scratchy for the first week after surgery. It is part of the healing process. You may use Artificial Tears (such as Systane eyedrops) as needed for the itching.

• You may take Tylenol if you have mild pain. If you have pain in your eye that is not relieved with Tylenol, please let us know so that we can help you.

• No strenuous exercise (running, swimming, weight lifting, etc.) for one week.

• No eyelid makeup for the 2 weeks after surgery.

• Do not rub the eye for the first week after surgery.

• It is okay to watch television or read. It is okay to take a shower.


Ciprofloxacin (beige cap) - 4 times a day for one week

Ketorolac or Bromfenac (grey cap) - 2 times a day starting on the second week for three weeks

Prednisolone (pink or white cap) - 4 times a day for one month

· EyeDropAlarm is a free app created by Dr. Shah to remind you to take your drops. Download it from

· Shake the bottles well each time before putting in an eyedrop.

· It is okay if more than one drop gets in your eye.

· You can put the eyedrops in any order, just as long as all of them are put in.

· After putting in an eyedrop, wait 5 minutes before putting in the next eyedrop.