Before Cataract Surgery Instructions

• On the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before your surgery, put the eyedrops listed below in the eye that is going to have surgery. Keep the bottles because you will need them after surgery. After putting in one eyedrop, wait 5 minutes before putting in the next eyedrop. You can put the eyedrops in any order.

· Ciprofloxacin (beige cap) - one eyedrop 4 times per day

· Ketorolac or Bromfenac (grey cap) - one eyedrop 2 times per day.

EyeDropAlarm is a free app created by Dr. Shah to remind you to take your drops. Download it from

• Do not eat or drink anything starting at midnight the night before surgery. If you usually take medicines (i.e., blood pressure medicines) in the morning, take them with a small sip of water in the morning on the day of surgery.

• If you have diabetes, talk with your primary medical doctor about whether to take your diabetes medication on the morning of surgery.

• Do not use any makeup on the day of surgery.

• You will need someone to drive you on the day of and day after surgery.